Drinks For White Elephant Gift Exchange

There is no party without tasty, delicious drinks and White Elephant party is no different: If you are hosting or organizing a White Elephant Gift Exchange, you will need to serve drinks to your guests and there are many options including non alcoholic drinks for kinds and designated drivers as well as alcoholic drinks for those who want to warm up and indulge in delicious cocktails.

It’s a tradition for an organizer of the party to name drinks in the White Elephant exchange spirit. For example, the any type of orange soda you would serve would be called “Orange Elephant”. Cranberry juice or punch would have a name on it “Red Elephant”. “Elephant Cola” is self explanatory. It’s fun to name an label drinks with this holiday spirit as well as use these names when offering or requesting a drink, so make sure your guest are familiar with the names!

But names of these drinks are not just limited to non alcoholic items. Here is a list of delicious cocktails and drinks that contain alcohol and are great for your White elephant party!

Blushing Elephant

Ingredients: Vodka, Cream, Kahlua, Milk, Amaretto

Mix equal parts vodka, milk and amaretto. Add a bit of cream and Kahlua to taste. Add ice. Mix and pour or serve directly with ice.

Berry The Elephant

Ingredients: Vodka, Milk, Blueberry Syrup, Blueberries

Have vodka mixed in with equal amount of milk and generous amount of blueberry syrup. Add ice. Sprinkle with blueberries.

Safari Egg-nog

Ingredients: Brandy, Milk, Egg, Vanilla Orange Curacao

Slowly bring a mixture of milk, vanilla and Orange Curacao to a boil. Mix eggs with sugar in separate bowl. Whisk together with the hot mixture and add brandy to taste.


Ingredients: Light Rum, Milk, Egg, Syrup

Mix egg milk and syrup. Add light rum and do another round of mixing with a whisk. The drink is ready when it has smooth consistency. You may want to heat the nog for richer taste.

Arctic Elephant

Ingredients: Bourbon, Cognac, Milk, Frozen Milk Cubes

Freeze milk in ice cube tray. Pour bourbon cognac and milk to taste and mix. Add frozen milk cubes. Optionally add some simple no flavour syrup to the drink.

Canadian Elephant

Ingredients: Brandy, Milk, Maple Syrup

Mix milk and maple syrup to taste. Let it chill and add some brandy. Garnish with ice. Optionally add some light cream to amplify the aroma.

Wild Elephant

Ingredients: Light Rum, Kahlua, Chocolate Sauce, Milk, Cherry

Combine chocolate sauce, milk and Kahlua for this delightful white elephant treat. Add light rum generously and garnish it with a sweet red cherry on top.

Muddy Elephant

Ingredients: Baileys, Shaved Chocolate, Cream

Pour some Baileys and mix in a bit of heavy cream. Shave some chocolate on top. You can even use a bit of brownie dust. For a stronger elephant kick: add some rum.

Grumpy Elephant

Ingredients: Whiskey, Ice, Syrup.

When the white elephant is grumpy, the best way to relax one is to offer whiskey on the rocks, plus a bit of syrup. Watch as the grumpy becomes friendly in no time.

Irish Elephant

Ingredients: Whiskey, Coffee, Cream, Syrup

Combine coffee, cream and a bit of sugar or plain syrup with a bit of whiskey for the kick. You can use hot or cold coffee with this holiday treat and if you choose to use cold coffee don’t forget to touch it up with a bit of whipped cream.

Orange Elephant

Ingredients: Vodka, Orange Juice

Everyone’s favorite simple drink that does not taste like it has alcohol. Generally known as a screw driver, orange juice and vodka make a great cocktail for the white elephant party.

Cranberry Elephant

Ingredients: Vodka, Cranberry Juice

For a sweet and sour, non sophisticated taste, nothing beats some cranberry juice and vodka. Cranberry elephant is a popular drink around white elephant parties.

Dumbo Fly High

Dark Rum, Chocolate Syrup, Cream

Have some dark rum mixed with chocolate syrup and a touch of cream for smooth, creamy texture. Increase the amount of chocolate syrup for the sweet toothed elephant and increase rum for the safari drunkard!

Sweet Red Elephant

Ingredients: White Rum, Cherry Syrup

This simple, thick and tasty combination is easy to make and fun to enjoy. Simply combine some white rum with cherry syrup and optionally place a cherry on top of the ice.


Ingredients: Guinness, Baileys, Chocolate Shavings, Brownie Dust

Touch of guineas mixed in with Baileys topped with Chocolate shavings and brownie dust. This delicious treat with get your elephant party chocolate lovers in a awe!

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White Elephant Drinks

Here are couple of white elephant coctail ideas for your party. For more delicious drink recipes click here.

Muddy Elephant

Ingredients: Baileys, Shaved Chocolate, Cream

Description: Pour some baileys and mix ina bit of heavy cream. Shave some chocolate on top. You can even use a bit of brownie dust. Fon a strogner elephant kick: add some rum.

Cranberry Elephant

Ingredients: Vodka, Cranberry Juice

Description: For a sweet and sour, non sophisticated taste, nothing beats some cranberry juice and vodka. Cranberry elephant is a popular drink around white elephant parties.

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