White Elephant Gifts For 2024 Season

One of the first rules of Christmas gift exchange is that you must buy or make a white elephant gift yourself, wrap it so that no one can tell what it is and bring it to the party. Sometimes white elephant rules will indicate the price range or the theme of the gift that you are expected to stick with. For example, the rules may say “white elephant gifts under $20 only”, “funny white elephant gifts only”, or even”only DIY, home made gifts allowed”, (of which I must say baked/desert parties are the best. More on this later).

Most of the time though, you will be expected to bring an elephant gift that’s simply funny, unique or unusual. The white elephant gift exchange is all about having fun, laughing and tricking each other while enjoying Christmas festivities, so as long as you are contributing to the fun atmosphere and the gift you pick is not boring, you should be just fine.

Still the purchase needs to be made and you not only need to get something, but try and get the best white elephant gift money can buy, so wouldn’t it be great if all the cool, funny and unusual Christmas gifts had been gathered in one place for you to choose from? It would, and you are on the right page.

WhiteElephant.info presents to you, the 2024‘s some of the most wanted gifts of the year! Have a look, pick what you like or even a few and don;t forget to let us know if you have other gift ideas that you think we should add to this page by reaching out to us on the contact us page.

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Best Gifts For 2024

The answer depends on a few factors, for example, if the gift exchange party you are going to has a set theme in it’s rules, like “Alcohol” then obviously everyone will be bringing various bottles of drinks to the party, or say the theme is “Unwanted Gifts” which would be the gifts you received for Christmas that you really don’t want. In all the above cases as well as other themes the best white elephant gift is the one that fits the theme well and obviously has some white elephant element to it.

In every other situation, where you can pick up and bring any type of gift you want, whether in specific price range or not, there are many white elephant gift ideas online that you can purchase and have it delivered to you conveniently.

What is a White Elephant Gift? In it’s most simplest forms it’s a type of present that someone will not like, but at thesame time will not be able to refuse. The tradition of giving white elephant gifts goes back in history and over time this custom has transformed into what it is today, the Christmas party gift exchange.

Back in the day, the white elephant gift was actually the White Elephant, the animal, but lot has changed since. Nowadays white elephant gifts are anything from home mad art and craft items that are funny or insulting, books with hilarious titles, ugly clothing such as sweaters and socks with profanity written all over them to more creative ideas of photoshopped pictures of annoying friends, family members of coworkers.

There’s such variety when it comes to coming up with white elephant gift ideas, that the process of finding the right white elephant gift can be fun in itself.

Let’s examine a few different categories of white elephant gifts that could suite your needs. See if any of these would be right for your Christmas party:

Funny White Elephant Gifts

There are a number of funny or down right hilarious presents that you can buy online that would make everyone at the gift exchange party laugh when the gift is opened. White elephant parties are known for great atmosphere, excitement and joy of laughter, so if you chose to bring something funny, you are in luck, there’s plenty to pick from.

GAG White Elephant Gifts

These are similar to the funny ones, but with a side twist of not being very useful, they lean towards the novelty side but lack the ability to have a purpose. GAG white elephant gifts are almost pranks, when opened, but can be a lot of fun. They are one of the most common gift ideas for the white elephant gift exchange.

DIY White Elephant Gifts

Are you crafty? Have an artistic side or know how to make things yourself? With a bit of creativity, you could come up with a great DIY white elephant project, enjoy making it yourself and bring a unique gift to the gift exchange to impress everyone. It is recommended to do DIY gifts if the theme of the party is set to “make it yourself” or “DIY”, otherwise you risk being way out of theme, which sometimes can be OK, so use your best judgment.

Novelty White Elephant Gifts

There are plenty of useful, affordable novelty items that would make a good white elephant gift idea. Unlike most GAG gifts, novelty white elephant presents can be more useful and wanted. I know, I know, you will say that white elephant gift should not be useful, it must be more like a prank, but that isn’t always true. this yearly party favorite game has evolved enough to even allow useful and wanted gifts.

Unisex White Elephant Gifts

One of the main rules of White Elephant gift exchange is that the gift must be properly concealed. The person opening it should not be able to determine what it is until the gift is opened. This does not mean that gift has to be wrapped to look amazing, but rather be covered in order to keep everyone guessing.

Sometimes the party will allow or require to stick a small sticker onto the gift that will say whether it’s most suitable for men, women or if it’s unisex. If you chose to bring a unisex gift to the party it will be equally appropriate for anyone opening it which makes picking gifts so much easier. Luckily there are many unisex white elephant gifts out there and you will not have a problem picking one out.

Rude White Elephant Gifts

If your party is held in a friends or family setting, or if your workplace allows naughty humor and a bit of political incorrectness, then you can let loose and pick out a rude white elephant gift. What would make a rude gift? Anything that would be interpreted as rude or inappropriate. Lot of GAG gifts would go straight into this category.

If you are planning to bring something generally inappropriate to work, make sure you consult with your manager and HR department first to make sure your creativity will not land you any hot water. This rarely happens, because even the grinchiest of people will be more open to silly humor during the holidays.

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